CodePen is a CMS made for you!

" CodePen is not not quite finished yet, but it will be soon.

Update the webpage you are currently viewing.
With out "what you see is what you get" editor, the content will look exactly as you plan it to.
No more logging in and out of clunky backends to view the page you are working on.

With a customised, yet highly commercial text editor you will see that adding specific content and uploading images could not be easier.

Need support?
I'll personally help you for as cheap as possible, and as quick as possible (no SLA at the moment :( ).

The source code is freely available.
Once available you are free to do with it what you please. We will offer upgrades, patches and fixes, that will work with the base codepen framework, so big changes may reduce compatibiliy.
Available under MIT license

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